Twitter and the government of California, led by Democrat Gavin Christopher Newsom, are facing a lawsuit which claims that both acted in collusion with the aim of censoring the voice of political opponents, including Rogan O’Handley, a popular pro-Trump activist, who was removed from the platform where he had more than 400,000 followers.

O’Handley, also known by his nickname “DC Draino,” was removed from the popular Twitter platform in February 2021 after his last tweet that said “Most votes in history,” in the context of allegations made by Republicans about cases of electoral fraud in the U.S. presidential election last November.

In 2018, the California state government created the Office of Election Cybersecurity to “educate voters” with “valid information” about election laws and procedures. 

The theoretical intentions of the project were interesting. Still, in practice, this office quickly became a political weapon for censorship by the far-left Secretary of State’s Office, as later denounced by the Center for American Liberty.

According to the complaint of the association that is defending O’Handley’s rights, before the 2020 elections and in the following months, Twitter, under the direction of government employees of the California Office of Election Cybersecurity, discriminatorily deleted tweets posted by influential conservative social networkers who focused their criticism on then-candidate Joe Biden and questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 elections. 

In this way they managed to get rid of the main communication channel used by some conservative leaders such as O’Handley.

O’Handley became the California Bureau of Elections Cybersecurity target from November 2020 through February 2021 for his work as a conservative attorney and political commentator.

During that period, O’Handley issued a series of tweets calling for an audit of every California ballot, a commission to study the 2020 election results, and expressing strong concerns about voter fraud. 

After being censored, the nonprofit Center for American Liberty, led by attorney Harmeet Dhillon, filed the lawsuit against Twitter and the state of California as an accessory after the fact, which includes emails from California government officials addressed to Twitter employee Kevin Kane, who was then serving as the company’s public policy manager.

Being interviewed by Tucker Carlson Tonight, attorney Dhillon highlighted the central role of Alex Padilla, then California Secretary of State, in this whole witch hunt against government opponents. Padilla was chosen by Governor Gavin Newsom to fill Kamala Harris’ vacant Senate seat after the election.

Social media, including Twitter, has taken a proactive role in censoring the numerous public evidence and allegations of voter fraud across the United States.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, testified in November 2020 in Congress for having deleted nearly 300 thousand tweets related to the U.S. election between October 27 and November 11. In addition, the platform tagged and/or deleted more than 50 publications of President Donald Trump.

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