A 10-year-old California girl spent her 10th birthday helping “people in need’ instead of enjoying her special day with a party or going out with loved ones and friends.

Kara Simmons Hernandez said her daughter, Nakayla Simmons, intended to spend the day jumping at a trampoline party in Concord to celebrate her birthday, according to FOX5 Atlanta.

But then their church had a bunch of leftover food to donate. The church asked if their family wanted the extra tomatoes, apples, and lettuce to give away.

Nakayla is a girl who likes to help others, so she did not hesitate to change her original plan, Kara shared.

Her mother told her, “You can’t. It’s your birthday this weekend.”

Nakayla answered, “I’d rather do this and give to the homeless. I wanted to help people in need.”

Therefore, Kara and her daughter went out to homeless camps in Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland, handing out food until 9 p.m. that day to make sure everyone had enough to eat.

“The people were so happy,” Nakayla said. “Some even sang happy birthday to me.”

As a reward, Nakayla’s family threw her a little party the next day anyway.

“She’s a really sweet kid,” her mother said. “She deserved it.”