A young couple in California held their wedding reception at the famous Pacifica Taco Bell, which helped them save a fortune.

Analicia Garcia, a 24-years-old bride, and Kyle Howser, a 25-years-old groom, from Sacramento had their wedding ceremony on Oct. 26 at the San Francisco City Hall.

According to Fox News, their wedding reception followed at the Pacifica Taco Bell, which is widely known as the most beautiful of the chain in the Bay Area.

The couple said that they just wanted a low-stress, inexpensive wedding.

Garcia and Howser are high school sweethearts. They revealed that Oct. 26 was their eight-year dating anniversary, so they chose it to be their wedding date.

“We just wanted to keep it all on one date,” Garcia said. 

After finding that the Taco Bell in Las Vegas hosts weddings, Garcia also discovered that the Pacifica location does, as well. 

“We didn’t want anything that was super high stress,” Garcia said. “We also love Taco Bell.”

Howser said that when they were in college, Taco Bell was perfect for dates on a budget.

“I remember we used to drive to Taco Bell and go on long drives and just chitchat when we were younger,” said Garcia.

“It’s just good, consistent food. We enjoy it. It’s cheap and we have a lot of fun eating it,” Howser added.

After the San Francisco City Hall ceremony, the bride and groom, along with their wedding guests, headed out to Pacifica State Beach.

“I was blown away with how helpful and amazing the Taco Bell team was,” said Howser. “We were looking for something as low stress and as fun as possible and in a beautiful location, and their team absolutely succeeded in making that happen.”  

“I think when we put Taco Bell on the invitation, everybody was a little bit skeptical,” he said. But “their guests really had one of the best weddings” they’d been to.

“The overwhelming excitement of walking in and seeing how great everything looked, and how amazing the weather and the staff and the food was, it was a perfect place to let loose and have fun and enjoy good company,” said Howser.

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