In order to show his support for President Donald Trump, a California conservative candidate for Congress is calling for donations to put billboards that urge people to pray for the president up across the large district.

“As you’ve seen in a ‘fake’ news media, radical Democrats in the House are attempting to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States,” Tim Donnelly, an early supporter of the president back in 2016, said in an online donation form.

Explaining why he used campaign funds to pay for the full-color messages that are seen daily by tens of thousands of California commuters, he said, “There has been no other time in recent history where President Trump needs your prayers more than right now.”

So far, Tim Donnelly has been able to get two of the “Pray for President Trump” billboards up in the 8th Congressional District. 

Donnelly, a former state assemblyman who has been described as Tea Party before there was a Tea Party, ran against Republican congressman Paul Cook in 2018 and is running again now as Cook has announced his retirement. Cook is considered a largely anti-Trump congressman who reportedly bet against Trump winning in 2016.

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