Sheriff Grady Judd from Polk County, Florida, has slammed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for pledging to legalize drug possession, including meth, coke, and ecstasy.

“He is guaranteeing more drug addicts, he’s guaranteeing more crime, and he’s guaranteeing less help because we don’t have enough services for those who are addicted to crimes now and he’s going to create more addiction,” Judd said, according to Fox News.

His comments came after Buttigieg told editors of the Des Moines Register, “Incarceration should not even be a response to drug possession.” 

Judd was furious with Buttigieg’s stance, as he maintains such a policy would increase crime and drug issues in the United States.

“What he’s telling the people of Iowa and the United States is, ‘Hey, I’m going to guarantee that crime is going to go up, I’m going to guarantee that people are going to steal more of your stuff, I’m going to guarantee to you that more people are going to become addicted to crime,'” Judd said.

Buttigieg wrote that this “targeted and effective” approach will “assure law-abiding people who pose no public safety risk that they have nothing to fear from our government,” reports Fox News.

Buttigieg made his comment during his campaigning in Iowa.

“I would not have said even five years ago what I believe now, which is that incarceration should not even be a response to drug possession,” he added. “What I’ve seen is that while there continue to be all kinds of harms associated with drug possession and use, it’s also the case that we have created—in an effort to deal with what amounts to a public health problem—we have created an even bigger problem. A justice problem and its form of a health problem,” said Buttigieg, reported The Blaze.

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