President Trump is on the campaign trail in the battleground states. By contrast, on the same day, the Democrats kickstart their national convention in Milwaukee with an almost entirely virtual event.

On Monday, Aug. 17, President Trump was introduced to business owners in Minneapolis who have had their livelihoods decimated by out-of-control rioters, using the excuse of the death of black man George Floyd in May as an excuse to wreak havoc on America.

While speaking about the damage caused to businesses, the president had harsh words for Joe Biden’s running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), for requesting donations to assist any rioters arrested because of their looting and violence.

“Their sympathies lie with lawbreakers and with criminals, my heart is with law-abiding, hardworking Americans like these people,” the president said. “And my heart is also with the great men and women of law enforcement.”

Mayors had let their constituents down by not putting an end to the riots said the president.

Trump added, “While the city’s liberal mayor refused to defend its citizens, which was incredible, their lives were destroyed while the leadership of the Democrats cheered. Their [citizens] dreams burned to the ground,” Breitbart reported.

Rebuilding after the looting

Minneapolis firefighter Korboi (KB) Balla and his wife told President Trump the story about the sacrifices he and his wife had made to establish a sports bar. They spent all his wife’s savings on making it a success, only to have it decimated on May 27 by the rioters.

Balla told the president he was determined to rebuild his business and had applied for a loan to buy a building for $1.3 million. President Trump asked Balla the name of the bar and suggested he may be eligible for government assistance.

“The bikers over there, they’ll be there, like even if it’s burned down they will be there,” Trump said with a smile, referring to some of his “Bikers for Trump” supporters.

Balla appreciated the lighthearted banter and told the president his sports bar was called Scores Sports Bar.

Jim Stage, the owner of Lloyd’s Pharmacy, said his pharmacy had been operating in the same building for the past 100 years, and all that tradition ended on the day it was looted and burned to ashes by rioters. He told the president he was trying to rebuild, and in the meantime, was attending to customers’ needs from a satellite location, reported Breitbart.

“Thank you Mr. President for fighting for law and order in American cities and we ask that other politicians rise to the same challenge, of protecting our businesses and our neighborhoods,” he said.

John Wolf, the owner of Chicago Lake liquors in the city, also spoke of the heartbreak rioters caused him. He helplessly stood by while rioters looted and destroyed his business. He had called 911 more than 10 times, but couldn’t get any response. Over three nights, looters burned his premises, with three fires and then three feet of water from fire-fighting efforts causing untold damage.

Devastating losses

“The feeling of helplessness that I had knowing that no one was coming was indescribable,” he said. He lost over a million dollars in stolen goods and damage to items. He was frustrated that city leaders had failed to protect him and others, and no looters were arrested.

“There’s nothing more important for elected officials than providing safety to residents and businesses, without that, nothing works,” he said.

“While city leaders discuss reimagining the police department, Minneapolis still needs law enforcement.”

Paying taxes was something that should allow businesses to gain protection from law enforcement.

“I held up to my end. The city of Minneapolis didn’t,” he said.

President Trump assured local business owners he would endeavor to help them rebuild, and he had a list of them all.

“We’re going to see what we can do for you. We’ll help you out a little bit, and you may be surprised,” Trump said. “We’ll get you going.”