Ohio authorities are applauding two brothers who spent their snow day shoveling sidewalks and streets.

According to the Montgomery County sheriff’s office, a detective was stopped by 10-year-old Quron Blanton and 7-year-old J’mar Blanton on Friday morning, Feb. 7.

Detective Statzer noticed they were not only shoveling the sidewalk but parts of the street as well around their Dayton neighborhood.

When Statzer asked what they were doing, J’Mar said they “were just trying to make the world a safer place.”

The sheriff’s office then treated the boys to hot chocolate and snacks as a thank you.

“We can certainly do a lot of learning from both J’mar and Quron and thank them for taking care of their community … on their day OFF from school!” the sheriff’s office wrote. “Keep up the great work and keep inspiring others, J’mar and Quron!”



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