Political commentator and former schoolteacher Calvin Robinson gave an interview to Breitbart London and was annoyed to have to face racial abuse and condemnation every time he expressed himself against the extreme left ideology of Black Lives Matter or against the critical theory of race, of Marxist origin.

On Tuesday, Robinson was interviewed on Tuesday, Sept. 15, on the British television program “Good Morning Britain”  (GMB). The purpose of the piece was to discuss a television performance that was inspired by Black Lives Matter by a dance company, which Breitbart reportedly generated tens of thousands of complaints from the public and television critics. During his appearance on GMB, Robinson criticized ITV, the channel that allowed the performance, which he described as “totally imbued with critical theory of race.”

According to Robinson, after his appearance on the GMB program he received a barrage of racist messages on the social networks from supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement and other left-wing fanatics. 

“Every time I’ve spoken out against BLM using CRT, they attack me with racially derogatory terms,” Robinson said.

Robinson went on to say that the BLM movement believes that all blacks should think and express themselves in the same way. Otherwise they are considered traitors, mercenaries, and cowards. The commentator expressed concern about how a movement that is supposed to defend racial equality attacks someone who thinks differently, even if they belong to the same race. 

“It seems that BLM does not support racial equality after all, because if it did, they would surely encourage diversity and expect black people to have many different views across the political spectrum,” Robinson argued.

On his Twitter account, Robinson wrote a message condemning and republishing some of the messages he received in threatening or discriminatory tones simply because they were expressed differently from BLM supporters. In his message he again blamed the critical theory of race as one of the reasons that lead movements that reject racism themselves to engage in discriminatory behavior. 

In addition to condemning the discrimination generated by movements that proclaim racial equality, he also condemned the violent factor with which they deal with their claims and accusations. “They’re promoting racial segregation, vandalism, and violence,” Robinson said, adding that advocates of critical race theory perpetuate “the myth of racial superiority.”

Robinson blamed the extreme left for being behind the movement and that it has somehow managed to “perfect the evil methodologies of the extreme right. 

He also argued that the idea that blacks are at a natural disadvantage to white people because they are somehow inferior, at a natural disadvantage, due to their skin color, “is nonsense, of course,” he said. He warned that the left is creating an environment in which blacks are persuaded to “adopt a victimization mentality,” adding that if people are constantly told that they are oppressed, “they might start believing that.

In the end, according to Robinson’s understanding, the critical race theory and the movements that emerged as BLM do nothing but use people of color as a tool to achieve other goals that have to do with the left and with attacking the system, but not with fighting for racial equality. 

“Movements like Black Lives Matter are Marxist organizations who want to destroy our way of life and rebuild it in their image. What we’re seeing here is standard divide and conquer,” he explained.