Nigel Farage, the key leader of the Brexit movement, has been traveling around the United States over the past few weeks on tour dubbed “America’s Comeback Tour.” He gave several lectures in various cities spreading a warning that the West faces grave danger around the advance of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Marxist ideologies.

The tour, which will last until May 29, will see the Brexit advocate visit nearly a dozen U.S. cities, including Dallas and Phoenix. According to a press release, the tour seeks to “restore America’s fundamental principles” when Joe Biden is attacking the country’s most basic freedoms.

“Free people never give up the right to govern themselves. That is what America’s Comeback Tour is all about.” Farage wrote in a Twitter post promoting the tour.

More than 500 conservative activists and elected officials attended his dissertation at the DeltaPlex in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Friday last week.

“Nigel’s patriotic, anti-globalist message should resonate with all freedom-loving Michiganians as they continue to fight a tyrannical Governor (Gov. Gretchen Whitmer) using her executive power to opress the very people she promised to serve when she took the oath of office,” said Ron Armstrong, an organizer of the Michigan event.

After the conference, Farage told Life Site News of the danger lurking throughout Western culture due to the encroachment of the CCP, the advance of Marxist ideology, and the culture of cancellation. 

In this sense, he called freedom-loving Americans who must mobilize to preserve their freedoms.

“The West as a whole faces a huge dilemma. We’ve got an external threat of China, which we have to face up to, and we have an internal threat, which is cancel culture, woke culture,” he said. “At the heart of all of this, we’re up against Marxism and it wants to destroy the Judeo-Christian culture about which our countries are built.”

Farage told LifeSite that Joe Biden’s administration had caused a crisis in different aspects of Americans’ lives: gas lines, high inflation, the border crisis, and now the mishandling of the conflict in Israel.

However, Farage was optimistic about the role conservatives will play in the future, assuring that “they want to start organizing and start fighting back.” He even dared to speculate about a possible Trump re-election bid in 2024. 

Farage warns that the advance of the CCP in the West is on the rise. At the end of April, in a video posted on the Internet, he urged citizens to boycott products manufactured in China with the aim of “stopping the rise of this horrible communist regime.”

On that occasion, Farage warned that the power of a government is not enough to prevent the CCP from becoming the first world power, but citizen participation is necessary for the fight for freedom. To this end, he urged the population to boycott products manufactured in China whenever possible.


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