Slow chemical castration of a young child because they exhibit signs of preferring to be the opposite sex should be labeled as abuse, yet here is a case where the courts attempted to reward the mother for wanting to transition her 7-year-old son into a girl.

A court decision by a jury on Monday, Oct. 21 in Texas, has caused outrage after they ruled in favor of James Younger’s mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, in a custody battle with his father, Jeff Younger, over their young son James.

Georgulas insisted James, although born a male, needs to transition into a female. Jeff disputed the claims, and the couple fought it out in court. Eleven of the twelve jurors ruled in favor of Georgulas having Sole Managing Conservatorship over James and his twin brother, Jude.

In breaking news, Judge Kim Cooks, who was presiding over the case, overruled the jury’s verdict on Thursday and determined that both parents will have joint custody of the boys. She has placed a gag order on the parents, which prohibits either from speaking to the media. The judge has also waived Younger’s attorney fees.

Georgulas has been treating James as a girl since he was three; she even enrolled him in kindergarten as a girl named “Luna.” She repeatedly tells him he is a girl, video obtained by Younger testified to this.

“You’re a boy, right?” asks Jeff Younger in the video.

“No, I’m a girl,” James replies.

“Who told you you’re a girl?” the father asks. “Mommy,” says James.

James then confirms that his mother dresses him in female clothing and buys him things like hairbands and nail polish.

“And what does mommy tell you?” the father asks. “She tells me I’m a girl,” James answers.

“My 3-year-old son tells me—he’s at my home—he tells me that he’s a girl. And I had the presence of mind, thank goodness, to pull out my iPhone and videotape me asking him about that. And that was literally the first time that I really understood what was happening to my son,” Jeff Younger told “The Luke Macias Show” in an interview.

According to James’s pediatric records, Georgulas has met with the medical “transition” clinic GENECIS and is considering “hormone suppression” for her son in a year or two.

A drug commonly known as Lupron has not been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of gender dysphoria but is being used in the treatment of children, as a hormone blocker—often with catastrophic effects.

“Gender dysphoria is not an endocrine condition, but is a psychological one and should, therefore, be treated with proper psychological care,” Californian endocrinologist Michael Laidlaw said in an interview with the Christian Post. “But it becomes an endocrine condition once you start using puberty blockers and giving cross-sex hormones to kids.”

On Wednesday, a day before the judge overruled the jury’s decision to allow Georgulas sole conservatorship over James, Texas Gov. Greg Abbot announced that the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services were investigating the case.

“FYI, the matter of 7-year-old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services,” Abbott tweeted on Wednesday night. 

Perhaps the pressure from the public, plus the intervention by Gov. Abbot, was enough to sway the court’s decision and let sanity prevail.

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