Jan Morgan, a former Arkansas Republican gubernatorial challenger and strong supporter of gun rights, has declared her campaign against Sen. John Boozman, who she called a “RINO.”

Morgan had previously hinted at a run for governor or the Senate in Arkansas. She formally declared her candidacy for the U.S. Senate on March 17 in a four-minute video posted to social media.

“I’ve personally trained over 40,000 men and women in every state in America in personal self-defense,” Morgan said, “But for decades, I was an award-winning investigative TV journalist, specializing in exposing waste, fraud, and abuse in government. I was that journalist who exposed Eric Holder and Obama’s Justice Department and the IRS’s criminal investigation division when they were conducting unconstitutional, paramilitary, Gestapo-style raids on conservative-owned businesses across America. I stepped into a ring other reporters were afraid to enter and fought for those patriotic Americans.”

“Now, we’re going to do it again. But instead of fighting for you from the outside, I’m asking you to send me to D.C. to fight for you from the inside. That’s why I’m running for United States Senate against incumbent RINO John Boozman,” Morgan announced.

Morgan emphasized that her rival, 21-year incumbent Boozman, is a member of the Republican Party’s establishment elite who no longer serves his constituents.

“The swamp and the deep state, they hate our American way of life and have gone to great lengths to destroy it,” Morgan said. “It will be up to a new generation of conservative warriors to get in that fight and restore the power of the people over their government.”

“With the help of spineless Republicans, far-left Democrats are trampling our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.” Morgan declared, “America needs aggressive fighters in D.C. who will get in the ring and boldly take on our enemies.”

Morgan repeatedly called Boozman a RINO and pointed out his public betrayals of President Donald Trump and the America First movement.

“My RINO opponent has had 21 years in office to get it right. Yet, he’s received failing grades from a number of America’s leading conservative organizations. In addition, he voted with Democrats to accept Electoral College votes in states where there were strong challenges of voter fraud.”

Morgan continued, “Rather than standing strong with fellow Republicans for election integrity, he did what career politicians do best: Go along to get along. When the going got tough, he exited the ring and voted with Democrats to accept Joe Biden.”

She also pointed out that, while aggressively slamming President Trump and implying that he is to blame for the largely peaceful Capitol Hill protests on Jan. 6, Boozman was deafeningly quiet as Black Lives Matter riot mobs swept the country last year.

“If that wasn’t enough, my RINO opponent publicly blamed President Trump for the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6,” stated Morgan. “Meanwhile, over the last year, while dangerous, armed thugs rioted and looted in cities across the nation, he remained silent, along with the Democrat terrorist sympathizers now in charge in Washington.”

“For the last four years, establishment shills like my opponent sold America out by refusing to fight,” she affirmed. “They lied to us, they schemed with Democrats, they plotted with foreign governments like China to sell out America’s future.”

“Many of us worked hard to help our President drain the swamp, but now the future of America is up to us. Will we, the people, pick up that torch and continue draining the swamp? The RINO sellouts in D.C. like John Boozman absolutely will not. I am not a career politician. I am a hardworking business owner who has been in training for years, preparing to step into this ring at this time to fight this fight for you, the forgotten people that D.C. RINOS have ignored for years,” Morgan said.

Morgan’s announcement makes her the second Trump-aligned, America First nominee in the state, following former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s announcement of her candidacy for governor.

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