This Monday, July 13, Savanah Hernandez, a political activist in Texas, stood on a busy street where the leftist movement was protesting, holding a sign that read “Police Lives Matter.”

Laura Ingraham interviewed the young woman on  Fox News. She showed the video of Savanah at the protest holding the sign and being attacked by the protesters, both verbally and physically. Fortunately, there were only a few shoves.

Ingraham asked Savanah what led her to perform this courageous act: “I was watching so many videos on Twitter of police officers, especially black police officers who’ve been the subject of so much racism because of the radical left and everything that has been going on and it really enraged me; so I wanted to go stand up with a Police Lives Matter sign.”

The young woman continued: “I went, and I stood there, I didn’t chant, I didn’t go infiltrate their rally at all,” Hernandez said. “I stood on a busy street corner, and I held up my sign because I wanted police in my city to know that they were supported.”

The young activist said that she has been threatened but that these threats only give her more courage to continue showing her stand as a conservative.

Laura Ingraham opened the interview by criticizing how some officials and legislators are hiding in their homes while brave young conservatives stand up to the liberal mob.

Closing the interview, the host asked Savanah Hernandez what her message was to America’s young conservatives: “I am not a spectacular human being, I’m a regular girl … If I can stand up and make big waves with a $5 poster board and a message, then anybody can,” she said in response.

“So stand up. Now’s the time to do it.”