Susan Olsen, former star from the “Brady Bunch,” denounced the rejection she was subjected to by the media when it became known that in the 2016 elections she voted for Donald Trump.

The actress told Fox News on Sept. 10 that she was the subject of “fake news” when they published that she had been fired for homophobic commentary during the broadcast of one of the radio programs on which she worked.

“The story was that I had been fired for a homophobic rant on the air. Yeah, I did rant at a guy, but it was not on the air. And I never got fired. But it was all part of my punishment for admitting that I voted for Trump,” Olsen said.

The actress also said that her opinion is not welcome in Hollywood where non-leftists are blacklisted.

Olsen acknowledges that there have been great changes in the political environment, previously people could disagree, have differences, but now if a person expresses an opinion that person is qualified as a hate promoter.

 “Things being not fair, things being untrue—I can’t put up with it. I’m constantly being told by family members, “Susan, shut up. Don’t speak your opinion.” Because my opinion is not very popular in Hollywood,” she said.

“The world’s gone nuts! … It’s misinformation. And these people are hypocrites,” Olsen said, according to Fox News.

After her television appearance, Olsen went on to work in the radio, where she currently works, at age 58.

Olsen played Cindy Brady in the famous series that relates the adventures of the family formed by the marriage of Mike Brady and Carol Martin, both had lost their spouses and each had three children. “The Brady Bunch” was broadcast from 1969 to 1974.

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