A little boy from Fayette County, Georgia, headed back to school this week like many students: with brand new clothes, but the personalized shirt he wore on the first day back is getting quite the attention, and for good reason!

Blake Rajahn’s new T-shirt was not the typical basketball jersey or button-down boys his age usually have; instead, he wore a shirt his mother sewed for him. A shirt with a message.

His shirt is a bright orange with green words that say, “I will be your friend.”

Blake’s mother, Nikki, is the owner of a personalization business and decided to make him a new shirt for his first day.

According to Nikki, Blake said he had wanted a shirt that said “I will be your friend” when she had asked him what special shirt he wanted.

She said Blake has experienced bullying and hard times at school before, and wants other children to know he’s there for them.

Blake told his mother, “I want to make sure that kids that are bullied know they have a friend already.”

Blake hopes that “more and more people find friends” on their first day with the help of the shirts.

“Never underestimate your kid’s heart for others!” she wrote on Facebook.

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