A young girl attending a high school located in Sonoma, California, refused to let a boy student bully her and gave him the serious MMA smack-down for his inappropriate actions.

The fight was recorded by another student and it went viral after Kit Dale, a fighter known for his impressive moves in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reposted the video on his official Facebook page.

The video showed a teenage girl taking down another student and twice kneeing him in the face and then landing on him. Although a teacher ran after her and tried to catch her, the girl quickly took off.

According to ABC 7, this whole thing started when the soon-to-be recipient of the beatdown posted something online, which irked the teenage girl.

Applauding the girl’s effort in fighting back against bullies, Dale also took the chance to express the importance of self-defense.

However, the girl was suspended from school for her rash actions, and the boy has a black eye but is still attending school.

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