Nigel Farage, recognized as the leading ideologue of Brexit in Great Britain, made strong criticisms against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, accusing him of defrauding the electorate after presenting himself as a true conservative. Over time Johnson turned to the left and now leans towards the policies of U.S. President Biden.

Farage was interviewed by Newsmax on Monday, June 21, and among his criticisms of the British prime minister came a strong warning, “Don’t trust Boris Johnson; he’s not really a conservative; he cozied up to Biden,” Farage said on Monday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

He then reminded that Boris was elected as a Conservative and “now governs as a Green.” The latter he said because of an apparent obsession with climate change and environmental policies, including carbon taxes to try to reduce carbon emissions, which Farage claims “leaves British consumers paying huge bills for all of this.”

What concerns Farage most, however, are Johnson’s statements that demonstrate his sympathy for Biden and his interest in pursuing policies together. 

Johnson has hailed Joe Biden as a “breath of fresh air” after the pair met for the first time ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall, the BBC reported.

After talks lasting more than an hour in Carbis Bay, during which they signed a new Atlantic Charter enshrining U.S.–U.K. friendship, Johnson was keen to emphasize the closeness of the partnership between the two countries.

“It’s wonderful to hear from the Biden administration and Joe Biden because there are so many things they want to do together with us, from security and NATO to climate change,” Johnson said, expressing his enthusiasm for the U.S. president.

For Conservative leader Farage, hearing these words from the prime minister is rather disappointing. And he acknowledged feeling puzzled about the origin and motivation of the prime minister’s remarks.

And calling Biden “a breath of fresh air” was one of the worst comments ever uttered by a British prime minister, according to Farage.

“Well, Boris is like a chameleon; he can change his colors to suit any circumstance, any climate. But to call a man who has been on Capitol Hill for nearly half a century, who was like a broken record, ‘a breath of fresh air’ was one of the worst comments I have ever heard from our British prime minister,'” Farage said.

Farage did not limit his criticism to Johnson. He also criticized the rest of the European leaders who bowed to Biden and his leftist approaches by “welcoming him to the club.”

He deeply regretted that while the European leaders together with Biden plan to implement the green agenda of the globalist left, burdening taxpayers with taxes to meet the millionaire investments required by the plans, the Chinese Communist Party “is building two new coal-fired power plants every week.”

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