Despite being advised by the United States and Australia not to do a deal with Huawei, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to be ignoring that advice and has made a decision that is “madness,” said the founder of Hong Kong Watch.

Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States took the lead in banning Huawei from 5G rollout, but Prime Minister Johnson has made the decision to allow Huawei involvement in their 5G rollout.

Benedict Rogers told Breitbart in an exclusive interview that it is “one of the worst and most unwise decisions in recent times.”

“If Boris Johnson goes ahead with allowing Huawei access to our 5G infrastructure, it is going to leave all of us open, to our data, even our basic freedoms being vulnerable to the Chinese Communist Party,” warned Rogers.

“At best it severely strains and potentially really damages our critical relationships with some of our closest friends. As we leave the European Union, we were expecting to do a really good trade deal with the United States, with the Trump administration, who made it clear that the Huawei deal could jeopardize that trade deal,” he continued.

“To be putting at risk our crucial friendships and our critical national security and economic relationships for the sake of this deal … seems to me madness.”


On Thursday, Jan. 30, the eve of the UK departure from the EU, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to the UK to discuss the Huawei involvement. When asked if intelligence sharing between the United States and the UK would be affected by the UK’s involvement with Huawei, Pompeo said, “We will never permit American international security information to go across a network that we don’t have trust and confidence in.”

“That’s the standard, whether it is a Microsoft system, it is the same whether it is an Ericsson, a Nokia system, that’s the standard if it is a Chinese system. We will work with our UK counterparts, and I know the Australians, the New Zealanders, all others in the ‘five eyes,’ will work together to ensure the systems are sufficiently secure and they are going to deliver the outcomes we need them to deliver, and that we have only a level of risk in the system that we find tolerable. I’m sure that we will protect American information to that standard,” he continued.

Pompeo warned that the Chinese Communist Party didn’t have “a technical back door to Huawei. They have the front door.”

“When you allow the information of your citizens or the national security information of your citizens to transit a network that the Chinese Communist Party has a legal mandate to obtain it creates risk,” he added.

“We view the intrusion of the Chinese Communist Party into information technology systems as a very great risk, a national security risk as well as a core privacy risk. If your health records are on a system that belongs and is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party that is probably not something you would probably choose in the first instance”, Pompeo told the London Broadcast Company.


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