Gloria Chavez, a chief member of the U.S. Border Patrol indicated the efficiencies of border walls, mentioning a dramatic decrease in illegal entries, and thanking President Donald Trump, who made a border tour to California on Friday, April 5.

At the roundtable discussions with the Border Protection agents as a part of the tour, President Trump said the U.S-Mexico border is in an emergency, indicating that there are “more than 70,000 illegal migrants rushing our border.”

“There is indeed an emergency on our southern border and it’s been loud and clear,” President Trump said. He mentioned the suit raised by people who refused to recognize the emergency at the southern border, saying, “We’re in court and a lot of people aren’t even bringing too many of the suits anymore. A lot of people brought a suit. Pretty hard for them to say there’s not an emergency, we have a big emergency at our southern border.”

Sitting beside the president in a roundtable meeting, El Centro Border Patrol Chief Gloria Chavez said that a part of border wall was constructed from February to October last year and it works. 

“As soon as it was completed we started measuring and we started monitoring its effectiveness,” Chavez said. “So for the first quarter of point nineteen we have had many many efficiencies noted, for example illegal entries in general, they decreased by 75 percent.”

“Central American people that used to get arrested right through that area decreased by 86 percent,” Chavez continued, saying that the number of Indian illegal entries dropped by 56 percent.

“We are part of several other sectors on the southern border that are overwhelmed. Our resources are extremely strained,” Chavez expressed. “Our agents are being stretched in so many different directions.”

The strain is expected to increase, as Chavez said “organized caravans” are heading to the border. She also indicated a problem of people forming fake families to get into the United States.

“Here in the sector, just this year fiscal year 2019 we have identified 193 fake families, people who are just teaming up children to come through because they know that they can get a court date later and be able to get released into the community.”

Chavez presented a hat to President Trump, saying that the Border Patrol agents wanted to thank him in an appreciation for “all of your support that you’ve given us”.

President Trump visited the border wall at Calexico, saying it “looks fantastic.” Four hundred miles of the border wall is expected to be completed in the next two years, the president said during the visit to California.

“President Trump is doing everything within his lawful authority to secure our border and address this growing crisis,” the White House stated on Friday, listing some major actions that the administration is implementing.

The statement urged: “Congress must act immediately to fix the broken immigration system and address the root causes of the crisis at our border.”

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