A U.S. Border Patrol agent sent an email to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) chain of command that a Fox News reporter was able to access.

In it he shares details of the situation at the facility where they hold illegal aliens and the imminent danger they face.

“The overcrowding is inhumane, especially for the children,” the agent said. “Pod 3A is designed to hold 80 people and on this day we have 694 unaccompanied children with two agents maintaining custody,” the agent wrote.

He added, “That is 867% of the stated capacity of this detention space. The agents cannot possibly provide for the care, health, and safety of aliens in our custody, nor can we reasonably do so for ourselves.”

In his email the officer explains that because the illegal aliens have been in custody for more than two weeks now, they have begun to get stressed out. As there is not enough space, people are lying on top of each other while unaccompanied children have to sleep on their sides to save space.

The officer’s concern stems from a possible accident that could have fatal consequences.

“If we have a fire, a carbon monoxide leak from the generators, a stampede, or any number of potential and likely occurrences, many people will die. This situation is a disaster waiting to happen. Someone with the proper authority must do something immediately to alleviate the severe overcrowding before we experience a tragedy,” the email states.

Sara Carter, the journalist who accessed the email and visited the facility in Texas, described the place as a windowless prison, “They’re lining up right next to each other. The smells, there’s no air, there’s really no windows to look outside. It’s a very, very stressful situation,” the Fox News reporter detailed.

Biden censors and hides the reality of the immigration crisis

While the Biden administration denies that there is a crisis at the border due to the flow of illegal aliens, at the same time it imposed a restriction on border patrol officials not to interact with the press, leaving the rest of the country in the dark about what is really happening with the aliens, and of course mainstream media has barely covered the issue.

According to Drew Fernandez, a journalist who is covering the immigration crisis from Arizona and who was interviewed by Steve Bannon, the heart of the illegal immigration problem is human trafficking, especially children without parents for whom traffickers make a ‘special price’ to adults if they cross the border with one of them.

“Is like an onion, the drug trafficking, the guns smuggling, those are just layers to the onions, the real problem, even the Mexican government is concerned with, is the human trafficking, the human smuggling, it is a million-dollar industry, that even goes beyond Central America,” Fernandez stressed.

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