The border crisis is growing every day. Now more than 14,800 illegal immigrants are crammed under the bridge that connects the small city of Del Rio, Texas, with Mexico, informed Representative August Pfluger (R-Texas) after visiting the place.
For Pfluger, the Biden administration must recognize the crisis and take action now; according to his projections, illegal immigrants could reach 2 million, as shown in his video from the border on Sept. 18.
“Today, I was Del Rio where there are 14,878 migrants gathered at the port of entry. This is an absolute tragedy of a crisis. @POTUS and @VP come see for yourself,” Pfluger wrote in one of his tweets.

In another, he also said, “Devastating scenes from Del Rio today. I’ve talked to local leaders and seasoned law enforcement officers—the number 1 thing I’m hearing is this the worst they have ever seen it.”

“Where is the Administration—what will it take for the President and Vice President to pay attention to this?” he added.

Indeed, according to one of the most recent reports from immigration authorities, last month undocumented immigrants surpassed 200,000, for the second consecutive month, quadrupling those who entered during the same month in 2020.  

For his part, the former president, Donald Trump, showed concern for the lack of control at the border, which is turning the country into “cesspool of humanity”, from his perspective. 

 He added: “Murderers, drug dealers, and criminals of all shapes and sizes are a big part of this massive migration,” and said that Africans now outnumber South Americans. 

The vast majority of the migrants now camped in squalid conditions under the Del Rio International Bridge are Haitians, awaiting detention and asylum by authorities, according to the New York Post. 

The Biden administration closed a point of entry, diverted traffic, deployed additional Border Patrol agents, and organized deportation flights to Haiti in response to the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants. 

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Sept. 17 signed state House Bill 9, which will provide an additional $1.8 billion in state funding for border security over the next two years.

“Our border crisis goes beyond the Rio Grande Valley and our South Texas communities—the smuggling of drugs, people, and weapons reaches far and wide throughout our state, and it affects all of us,” Abbott said in a statement.

He added, “That is why border security funding is crucial to our efforts to keep the entire state of Texas safe and secure.”

Thus, Texas is tripling the investments it has already made for border protection. “It’s the federal government’s job to secure our border, but the Biden administration has failed to do its job. So, Texas is stepping up and doing what the federal government is supposed to do,” Abbott said

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