Sacramento police have released body camera video of a violent confrontation with a gunman, which left a 26-year-old rookie policewoman dead on Wednesday, June 19. The footage was released late on Friday during a briefing where police said the gunman, Adel Sambrano Ramos, opened fire as Officer Daniel Chipp and Officer Tara O’Sullivan attempted to enter the residence in an effort to assist an unidentified woman clear out her belongings from a Sacramento home as part of a domestic violence call. 

Officer Chipp said, “Hey, Adel, Police Department. Adel, Police Department. You’re not under arrest, you’re not in trouble. Adel, Police Department. If you’re in here, let me know. You’re not in trouble, dude.”

Footage reveals Chipp approaching a detached garage with his gun drawn, knocking, and calling out to Ramos to announce his presence and to assure him that he was not in trouble or under arrest. As the officer cautiously opened a screen door and again called out to reassure the man thought to be inside the home, he was met by a hail of bullets and made a hasty retreat. At this point, Officer O’Sullivan had apparently been standing behind Officer Chipp and was wounded when the gunman began firing. Chipp quickly retreated to a nearby out building and radioed shots fired, officer down.||48b7ea88d__

Officer Chipp said, “Adell, Police Department. If you’re in here, let me know. You’re not in trouble, dude. (Audio of heavy shooting) You OK? (Audio of shooting) It’s a high powered rifle, get out here now. (Inaudible) we got one down, code 3 fired movement. (Audio of shooting) Officer down, officer down, code 3 fire. High powered rifle.”

Police said the gunman opened fire from a house behind the officers, barricaded the front door, and had strategically shot at officers for hours with a handgun, a shotgun, and two assault rifles from different rooms. Irregular gun fire from Ramos delayed police efforts to rescue the injured O’Sullivan to the hospital where she eventually died of multiple gun shot wounds. The gunman surrendered after an eight-hour standoff. According to USA Today, a court hearing is set for Monday for Adel Ramos, 45, charged with murder, attempted murder, and related charges.

Includes reporting from the Associated Press and USA Today.


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