According to Devine Police Chief Kandy Benavides, a woman’s body and that of her ex-boyfriend, who police said abducted her, were discovered in the Pearson region just outside Devine.

The Devine Police Department verified that the bodies were Jessica Sanchez, 37, and Jorge Jaramillo, 48, who supposedly took Sanchez from her home at gunpoint on June 30 in front of her daughters.

Jessica Sanchez (ksat)

“They’ve been laying here for nine days,” Gary Mangold, the property owner where the bodies were found, said.

They discovered the bodies around 3 p.m. Tuesday on private property near County Road 4514’s 6000 block.

Mangold said the place where Devine police traced Sanchez’s vehicle on Sunday is about 100 yards away from where he discovered the bodies behind a row of cattle fence.

Jorge Jaramillo. (ksat)

Mangold also said police never went behind the fence line where the bodies were discovered. He said he would usually never go into his estate, which is covered with trees and brush, but on Tuesday he stumbled across the region.

“Within 50 yards of where my mother lives over here and no one knew it,” Mangold said.

Authorities have not verified the cause of death of both people.

Sanchez’s daughter, Blasa Carrillo, said that for several years Sanchez had been with Jaramillo until he put a knife at Sanchez’s neck on Memorial Day. Police said Jaramillo had been detained for aggravated assault and obtained an emergency protection order from a magistrate.

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