A dozen  Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists forced their way into Iowa State Capitol on April 8 to protest against the state’s bills including one to increase  protest-related penalties.

The bills that triggered BLM’s demonstrators include Senate File 476, which supposes to secure “qualified immunity” for law enforcement officers, Senate File 534, which aims at stricter penalties for protest-related offenses and giving immunity for the driver in emergency situation who injures a protester or rioter or one who attends unlawful assemble.

They also include House File 802, which targets “divisive” teaching lessons, and Senate File 479 that aims to deprive cities of state funding if they cut police budgets, which Supporters of the bill assert is needed to combat the “defund the police” movement. The bills passed the Iowa Senate in March and now sits in the House. 

Journalist Andy Ngo uploaded the footage featuring the BLM protesters’ movement called “Kill the racist bills.” 

See the footage:

In the video, one activist, later identified as Josephine Mulvihill, an 18-year-old high school student from Des Moines, can be heard chanting signature Marxist slogans such as “no cop,” until Iowa State Patrol Trooper Dylan Hernandez put her to the ground and apprehended her. 

Hernandez alleged the teen pushed his arm for attention while he was leaving for a different assignment. Mulvihill was later charged with assaulting a police officer, reports Desmoinesregister.

Before Mulvihill’s detention, the rally, witnessed and confirmed by Des Moines Register workers, was non-violent. The participants performed a “die-in” demonstration in honor of George Floyd. He died in May 2020 after having Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee apparently positioned against his shoulder blade for about 9 minutes.

According to Desmoinesregister, a group of activists approached Iowa State Patrol officers after Mulvihill’s detention at the Statehouse on Thursday, complaining the arrest was unfair and only increased racism in Iowa. 

Watch more footage of the protest tweeted by @The_Justice7:

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