During a demonstration in favor of President Trump in Swampscott, Massachusetts, people were peacefully protesting the shameful election fraud. A group of elderly protestors was interrupted by a young man belonging to the leftist group Black Lives Matter (BLM). He was identified as Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr., 32 years old. After teasing one of the ladies for a few minutes, he punched her and immediately fled but was arrested by the police.

The attacker is a known active militant of the leftist group BLM. At the same time, he is the founder of the Freedom Fighters Coalition, which brings together small leftist groups with common interests. After his arrest, he was accused of “assault and physical aggression against an elderly person.” 

At the 54th minute of the video recorded at the event, Jean-Jacques Jr. is seen shouting to the peaceful demonstration crowd through a barrier and dancing to the popular song “It’s Raining Men.”

The video clearly shows Jean-Jacques harassing Trump supporters for several minutes. At one point, there is a jet of water that seems to be splashing Jean-Jacques, causing him to become enraged and aggressively approaching through the barrier, resulting in a violent fist blow to an 80-year-old woman named Greenberg. 

The Daily Item reported that Jean-Jacques was released on $550 bail and that Greenberg refused medical assistance.

District Attorney Danielle Doherty-Wirwicz, asked that Jean-Jacques be declared a dangerous person, banished from Swampscott County, and prohibited from contact with seniors.

However, while describing the case as “disturbing,” Judge Matthew Nestor denied the prosecutor’s requests, the Daily Item added. Jean-Jacques must now testify at a pretrial hearing scheduled for Feb. 24, 2021, sources said.

Unfortunately, Jean-Jacques’ case is just one more example of the propensity for violence by BLM members.

The recently released annual report of the Association of Major City Police Chiefs summarizes that extreme violence during the summer of 2020 erupted hundreds of times during BLM protests in major U.S. cities, causing injuries to thousands of police. Thousands of businesses were looted, and buildings burned, creating insecurity and panic in the streets. 

And despite this, liberal sectors linked to the Democratic Party still claim that the police forces must be defunded and support the BLM demonstrators’ demands. 

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