Anarchy, violence, and destruction once again reigned in Seattle after the leftist Black Lives Matter (BLM) group demonstrated on Monday, Nov. 30, for not agreeing to the 18% reduction in the planned 2021 security budget. The group is demanding a substantial 50% cut in funds for police forces.

Seattle police made several arrests during a demonstration on Capitol Hill after groups of protesters dispersed, causing havoc and vandalism to businesses and police officers trying to calm the situation. Along the way, they graffitied several walls and windows with slogans and phrases related to the defund the police movement.

A police press release stated that four people were arrested who had been caught damaging an ATM machine and were later identified and caught causing damage to a local coffee shop. 

One of the graffiti photographed by the police refers to the “Land Back” movement, a left-wing group that is increasingly taking to the streets demanding rights to “indigenous sovereignty.

Seattle has been a constant victim of leftist violence since the death of George Floyd. During the last few weeks, after the media proclaimed Democratic candidate Joe Biden as president, the unrest diminished considerably. 

But since the news that Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan cut the police budget by 18%, when the left was asking for 50 percent, protesters have returned to the streets. 

The 18% cut in the police budget already involves the elimination of dozens of police officers. And according to Neon Nettle, the Seattle Police Department has pulled police officers from the parking enforcement and removed mental health workers, and 911 operators out of the police department.

Durkan said in a statement about the cuts, “I believe we are laying the groundwork for systemic and lasting changes in policing.

Paradoxically, the budget cuts come at a time when Seattle is experiencing a sharp increase in violent crime, including 55 murders so far this year.

However, Democratic authorities opted to give in to the violent claims of the radical left, and despite this, it was demonstrated that they are going for even more, and they assured that they will not stop until they achieve 50% of the cut in policing. 

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