A woman who is blind was robbed while riding BART Thursday afternoon, Dec. 19.

According to KRON, 30-year-old Sammy Wredberg was robbed of her iPhone at the 12th Street-Oakland Station, San Francisco.

Wredberg said an unknown man yanked her iPhone 11 out of her hands at the station. She felt helpless when she was unable to see the suspect.

“I was just standing there with the headphones in my hands and I stood up and screamed help me help me help me,” Wredberg told KRON.

People at the station ran to help her, but she didn’t get much help or respect from BART police, KTVU reported.

“They found the phone on the Find My iPhone app and they said they’re not going to do anything because they don’t have a description of who they’re looking for and I can’t give one because I can’t see,” Wredberg told KTVU.

This recent experience has her feeling unsafe about the transit system and has kept her off of BART. She said she’ll be using ride-sharing services to get around.

“It causes me to have a lot of fear now and losing my confidence in my independence,” Wredberg said.

According to KTVU, witnesses who helped Wredberg described the suspect as a male juvenile who was last seen running toward an exit.

BART said the case is under investigation.

A GoFundMe has been established for her to help with travel expenses.

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