Meeting Santa Claus, one capable of bringing a whole lot of happiness, is a magical thing for any child. And for a Texas boy, who is living with blindness and autism, too he has memorable moments with Santa for the first time.

Matthew was born prematurely at 24 weeks and spent 111 days in the NICU. Although doctors feared he would never walk or talk, he proved them wrong, Newsner reported.

When his mother Misty Wolf took Matthew, age 6 at the time, to meet Santa, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Her son is blind and autistic, but his love for Santa is real.

Misty’s fears were allayed, though, the moment she told Santa about her little son’s condition.

As soon as Misty whispered to Santa to explain Matthew’s condition, he raised his hand and said, “Say no more,” and got down on the floor to greet the boy, Misty shared on a Facebook post.

Santa walked over and knelt next to Matthew and invited him to touch his coat, its buttons, and his hat and explained what he was feeling. Santa also talked about his red suit and even let Matthew pull on his beard.

When Santa asked whether he wanted to feel anything else, Matthew quoted the poem (Twas the night before Christmas) and said “your eyes that twinkle,” Misty said.

So Santa let Matthew touch all over his eyes for as long as the boy wanted, making him comfortable.

And it didn’t end there. Santa asked Matthew if he had ever felt a real reindeer, then picked up the boy and carried him over to the display area where had Matthew pet the reindeer they had set up.

“It was great. My heart was full seeing Matthew so interested,” Misty wrote. “Best Santa ever!“

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Matthew!

And thank you, Santa, who made this little boy’s day a wonderful experience.


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