Social media influencer Scott Presler and the Black Voices for Trump association joined forces to help clean up and restructure the city after the chaos left by the violent protests of recent days led by BLM and its supporters, as reported by Breitbart News.

For more than three months now, groups like the BLM and antifa, under the guise of defending racial equality and fighting alleged police violence against black people, have been leading almost daily protests across the country based on hatred and violence against the system. They are attacking security forces, destroying historical monuments, burning cars, and looting and destroying businesses. 

After the protests, city cleaners are often unable to cope with the tasks of trash collection and landscaping public spaces. Scott Presler has gained fame and become an influencer of young people through his appearances on social networks where he shows the disasters that remain after the demonstrations and then his work in cleaning up the spaces. 

Presler has been doing this work together with his volunteer supporters of President Trump since August 2019. During the past year alone, it is estimated that they have collected more than 100 tons of garbage in Austin, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles.  

Recently Presler announced that he joined Black Voices for Trump (BVT) supporters and others who believe in their cause. They were in Milwaukee and Kenosha today for a full day of cleaning. 

In a message critical of the Democrats and the violent protesters, Presler said on his Twitter account, “I’m doing these cleanups because I believe that love is action. I don’t want to be just another empty suit, like Joe Biden. I want to be a man of action, like Donald Trump.

“As soon as I announced I was coming to Milwaukee and Kenosha, people warned me not to go,” Presler told Breitbart News, adding that he will not let Black Lives Matter and antifa deter him. “If American citizens can’t enjoy their cities, then we’ve already lost our freedom,” Presler said. “War is where peace needs to be.” 

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that,’” Presler said. “So, it’s especially appropriate that we are meeting up at the Republican Party office off of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Milwaukee.” 

BVT said why it considers it a good option to support President Trump along with Presler, seeking to empower African Americans but without falling into support of violent movements that hide other goals that exceed their supposed desires for social justice and racial equality.

BVT says on its website:

“Empowering the Black community has always been a top priority for Donald J. Trump, even before he became President. Since his inauguration, President Trump has championed policies that have revitalized the Black community. He has done this by creating a more inclusive economy for Black Americans, providing historic funding for our Historical Black Colleges and Universities, expanding school choice, and giving former inmates a second chance to achieve the American Dream.”