Racism has always been a burning problem in the heart of America – A multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, especially in schools. Minnesota Police found an unidentified black student who was a member of the Black Distinguished Club at White Bear Lake High School to have created accounts on Instagram to send racist private messages to black students.

The girl initially informed the authorities that she did not create the account, but she then changed her tale and admitted to doing so.

For the hate crime fake, the girl will not face any criminal consequences and will not face any charges for creating the account.

Police could not ascertain whether she was also the sender of the racist communications, which included a message instructing a group of black girls to “Die Nigger” among other things.

According to police reports, however, using tech forensics, authorities determined that the communications were sent from the girl’s home IP address.

According to The College Fix, the letters were threatening and racist, with sentiments like “die, ni**er” among them.

‘Go back to Africa. With your tribe.’ ‘GET HANGED. KILL YOURSELF,” KSTP-TV reported.

The young black girl informed a White Bear Lake police officer that she could not tell her pals she made the account but did not send the messages.

During an interview with a police officer, the student stated she was confused about telling us who else was with her and sent messages with the account, according to the police report.

School students were angry and disgusted in the face of racist messages. They expressed concern about their own safety.

Students also demanded that officials take allegations of racism seriously and that school policy be changed to include stronger punishments for hate speech and bullying.

The department said they take all threats very seriously, especially those directed at children. The Instagram account where the messages originated has now been deleted.

Earlier, Students walked out of White Bear Lake High School after racist, threatening social media posts.

The racist messages have caused great pain to the school’s students and caused a substantial disturbance. The school was working on learning more about the motive behind the racist texting by female students.

The school expressed solidarity to support its students to speak out against racism and advocate for students of color and to ensure that Ice Bear Lake Area Schools is a community that promotes equality and harmonious racial entry, achieve the district’s stated mission and close the gap that currently exists in measures of student achievement.

Racism happened not only at the high school but also at a college.

Albion College students tweeted on April 5 that “there have been more than 12 racist incidences over the last week” at the college. One of the cases that must be mentioned is a 21-year-old black male-created graffiti and wrote white life and white power issues, the message “666” on top of the Star of David, along with “let’s kill all N*.”

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