Activists from the Marxist group Black Lives Matter held a “protest” on Saturday, March 6, in Louisville, Kentucky, where they harassed a group of girls attending a cheerleading competition and vented their resentment on them just because of their skin color.

In the video, the protesters can be seen using loudspeakers to shout insults at the girls and their chaperones as they entered and exited the facility where a cheerleading competition was being held, telling them things like “You’re only alive because of your white privilege” and “You should do something black with your privilege.”

The girls were between the ages of 5 and 13.

Any parent who tried to calm the situation was surrounded and verbally assaulted, according to PT News.

Police did not make an appearance for most of the time or attempt to dissuade the protesters from the scene.

One Black Lives Matter activist, Carmen Jones, yelled at the girls, “The reason why you get to be here in these pretty little gorgeous outfits and your gorgeous hair and your gorgeous bows is because of your white privilege.”

According to some parents who spoke to local media, the girls were frightened, and some started crying inside the venue and for a long time afterward.

Rob, father of one of the girls, spoke to local TV station WDRB was upset with the approach of the protest.

“If there’s a problem within life, you keep it between adults. You don’t take kids and add them into the problems. It had nothing to do with them. Even if you have something that you’re passionate about. That wasn’t the way to go about it,” Rob said.

The protesters apparently made reference to Beronna Taylor, a black woman who died in a confusing episode where police officers are accused of shooting Taylor’s boyfriend, but bullets ultimately hit her and she died.

However, the violence meted out on this group of girls who have no connection to the incident in which Taylor died and it seems more a show of resentment or envy that cannot generate a positive outcome.

The Black Lives Matter Marxist movement spurred in May 2019 by the death in police custody of George Floyd, and in the name of fighting racism has caused millions of dollars in property losses during looting, robberies, and violence by its members across the country.

Democratic leaders and mainstream media not only failed to condemn the violence of the movement but tried to justify it to give it a positive image, which emboldened its members.

But beyond showing themselves to be violent and resentful of their own countrymen, Black Lives Matter has accomplished nothing positive for the black community in the United States.