Black Lives Matter is a movement that has become the most popular political group in the United States—even more popular than either President Trump or presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden. But how long can its huge popularity last?

Its ambition is to rework the country, and then control it, said Tucker Carlson on Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“The media, in their relentlessly fawning coverage, usually describe Black Lives Matter as an activist group or protest movement,” the host said. “But that’s deception by understatement. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is not a collection of marchers with signs. It’s not a conventional political lobby like Planned Parenthood or the NRA…. It is working to remake the country and then to control it. It’s a political party.”

“As of tonight, Black Lives Matter may be the single most powerful party in the United States,” Carlson continued. “Nobody says that out loud but politicians understand it perfectly well. If nothing else, they understand power—they can smell it at great distances. That is why they are lining up to bow before Black Lives Matter.”

Even some Republicans have fallen into line with BLM, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) recently walked with protesters in a march.

Romney walked with hundreds of evangelicals in Washington on June 7, in one of many anti-racism demonstrations that followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

Romney stated it was “a way to end violence and brutality and to make sure that people understand that black lives matter.”

“Republican leaders brag about their strong conservative convictions, but mostly they just want to be on the winning team, whatever that is,” Carlson said. “That is why they pause before offending China. It’s why when Black Lives Matter tells them to take a knee, they do.”

“It’s all pretty strange when you think about it. If the leaders of Black Lives Matter are political actors, and they are, then by definition you are allowed to have any opinion you want to have about them,” he said.

“Imagine a world,” the host added, “where you are punished for questioning the behavior of the president or for insulting your local mayor. You probably can’t imagine that because it’s too bizarre. It is un-American but that is where we are right now. Black Lives Matter has changed the rules and here is the first new rule: No criticizing Black Lives Matter.”

“You can be fired from your job if you disobey. Many Americans have been,” he said.

“Black Lives Matter now enjoys almost complete immunity from criticism,” Carlson said. “This is unprecedented for an American political movement but Black Lives Matter is more powerful than that. It has singlehandedly revised our moral framework …”

“Affirming the fundamental equality of all people is now considered hate speech,” he added. “You can be fired for saying it. Again, many people have been. This is a dangerous moment.”