During the second night of riots in Philadelphia following the death of an African American man during an altercation with police, mob videos of anifa and Black Lives Matter protesters demanding extreme acts of violence were released.

The images of the leftist protesters repeating violent chants to the police were released after authorities shot Walter Wallace Jr. on Monday, Oct. 26, while urging him to throw down a knife.

The Blaze TV reporter, Elijah Schaffer, filmed the images, although shortly after he managed to search the protesters he was forced to stop recording as they advanced.

“Every city, every town, burn the [police] precincts to the ground,” chants the Black Lives Matter protesters, while watching as a woman from antifa lets the reporter know he is not allowed to record.

Since the incident, riots involving violence and looting have become virulent on social networks. On Tuesday night, Schaffer estimated about 400 participants in the demonstrations.

According to the Philadelphia affiliate of NBC News, more than 30 officers were injured in Monday’s riots and a sergeant ended up being referred to a hospital after he was intentionally hit by a truck.

As The Blaze reported, the police response to the looting that has taken place in the city was obstructed by the police commissioner, Melvin Singleton, who reportedly ordered both patrol and commanding officers to “not arrest the looters, but disperse them.”

President Trump spoke out against the events in Philadelphia on Wednesday, saying the federal government was investigating Wallace’s death, while condemning the riots that followed the incident with the police.

“What I am witnessing is terrible and, frankly, the mayor or whoever it is that is allowing people to riot and loot and not stop them is also just a horrible thing,” President Trump told reporters while at his Las Vegas hotel, according to The Hill.

President Trump blamed the Democratic states for the riots, saying the same is not true of the Republican states, characterizing Democratic candidate Joe Biden as weak on crime.

Regarding the riots, although Biden said there was no excuse for the looting and violence, he also supported the protests. “I think to be able to protest is a totally legitimate, totally reasonable,” he said.

Among some of the violent riots by Black Lives Matter protesters was the burning of a Vietnamese Baptist church that ended up being burned to the ground for no apparent reason.

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