Massachusetts lawmakers who want to make it possible for illegal aliens to receive driver’s licenses would have to have enough support for their bill to overcome Gov. Charlie Baker’s expected veto. This would mean all 125 Democrats in both branches would need to support the bill after a veto by Baker.

The state’s Senate Transportation Committee approved the bill (S 2061) on a 14-4 vote this week. Now, the bill will go before the state Senate and state House before heading to Baker’s desk.

The committee bill would allow roughly 250,000 illegal aliens in Massachusetts to apply for and receive a driver’s license so long as they are 18 years old or older and can provide two forms of identification—a foreign passport, a consular ID document, a birth certificate, or an employment authorization document, Breitbart reported.

Allowing illegal aliens to acquire driver’s licenses in the United States is the latest major state-to-state effort by the open borders lobby. That would mean illegal aliens are no longer taken into police custody for driving without licenses, thus further protecting them from being turned over to federal immigration officials.

California, New Jersey, and New York’s state Legislature passed similar bills.

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