Billionaire couple Bill and Melinda Gates, who recently announced they will divorce and split their assets, own the land where the potatoes McDonald’s uses in its menus are grown, according to an investigative report that surfaced days ago, RT reported.

The Gates have almost silently seized more than 100,000 hectares of US farmland, which is reported to be so gigantic it can be seen from space.

The fast-food giant McDonald’s potatoes are grown on a 5,700-hectare factory farm called 100 Circles Farm, located in Washington state, which was bought by the couple in 2018 for a reported $171m.

According to an investigation by The Land Report, the farmland was acquired through a conglomerate of shell companies linked to Cascade Investments, the couple’s Kirkland, Washington-based investment group.

Gates said in March that the farmland purchases were unrelated to his more publicized efforts to promote climate change awareness and sustainable agriculture.

“My investment group chose to do this. It’s not connected to climate,” he said, adding, “The agricultural sector is important. With more productive seeds, we can avoid deforestation and help Africa deal with the climate difficulties they already face.”

The globalist Gates has been buying up farms in 18 states. Among his largest holdings are in Louisiana (approx. 28,000 ha), Arkansas (approx. 19,400 ha), and Nebraska (approx. 8,300 ha). It also has a stake in approximately 10,400 ha of transitional land on the west side of Phoenix, Arizona, according to NewsPunch. 

But it is not entirely clear how the tech mogul’s farmland is being used.

Charles V. Zehren, a spokesman for the Gates-linked Cascade company, told NBC News when questioned that the company has always been “very supportive of sustainable agriculture.”

However, the claims of some farmers who own land next to the billionaire’s, undermine those statements, saying Gates’ companies have done little to set aside the effects of industrial agriculture on the environment.

The Gates have dabbled in agriculture and livestock issues for years. In 2018 they invested $40 million for research into genetic vaccination of livestock. They have also invested in the genetic modification of plants to produce super crops.

It is also well known that Bill Gates has been promoting genetically modified products for a long time. But his most controversial idea has undoubtedly been to suggest replacing livestock meat with synthetic, i.e., lab-grown ‘meat.’

According to Gates, this would be a necessary strategy to tackle climate change, as the elimination of livestock would lower the emission of methane gas, a greenhouse gas.

Another of the billionaire philanthropist’s controversial and suspicious investments is in the production of vaccines against the CCP Virus, as many believe Gates has aspirations to control the planet’s population and possible projects to reduce it.

Leftist and globalist sectors are strong allies of Gates and continually promote the idea that the businessman wants to invest his millions to help the planet achieve zero carbon emissions, eradicate poverty and disease by promoting vaccination and his controversial technologies in third world countries.

As long as he has a free hand to implement his deviant ideas, there will be no end to them. Therefore, we must reflect on where the perverted aspirations of those trying to take over our food, our health, and our freedom—in short, our lives—are leading us.