Multibillionaire tycoon Bill Gates has offered to contribute an additional $1.5 billion if House lawmakers join Democrats in passing the infrastructure bill, CNBC reported.

Bill Gates’ investment fund will commit that billion-dollar figure to support climate projects—in conjunction with the federal government—for example, aimed at developing technologies that reduce carbon emissions.

A roughly $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the Senate this week would give the Department of Energy $25 billion for projects funded through public-private partnerships to address climate change.

The bill has yet to pass Congress, as it hinges on an uncertain vote in the House of Representatives, where it divides the Democratic majority.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Gates said a fund managed by Breakthrough Energy could spend the money over three years on projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions that he says cause climate change.

Breakthrough Energy is the umbrella name for several organizations, founded by Bill Gates in 2015.

Breakthrough projects, which would have to compete with other funding applicants, could include emissions-free jet fuel and technology to absorb carbon dioxide from the air.

Gates clarified that Breakthrough would likely shift funding for the larger projects to Europe and Asia if the funding package did not become law.

Former President Donald Trump questioned the infrastructure project because of the high taxes that would impact taxpayers and be the start of the controversial Green New Deal.

More taxes for the “biggest threat”

Addressing so-called climate change has been a central policy objective for the Biden administration.

President Biden recently said that global warming is the “greatest threat” to this country. However, a recent Rasmussen Reports poll shows that a majority of citizens disagree with the president.

That is, even among voters who agree with Biden that global warming is “the biggest threat facing the United States,” 16% say they would not be willing to pay any more per year in taxes.

On the other hand, there is much questioning regarding climate change and the greenhouse effect and an “end of the world” narrative that does not hold up over time.

The facts are that C02 in the atmosphere represents 0.04% of the atmosphere, and of that 0.04%, only 0.01% is due to human activity. How does that influence the global temperature, which cannot even be measured?

China is the country that emits most of that 0.04%x0.01%=0.0004%—negligible for changing the planet’s temperature.

Also, the narrative itself is untenable. Shouldn’t the gases that don’t let the sun’s rays out prevent them from coming in in the first place?

The Earth’s temperature and climate are always changing, regardless of human behavior.

The main factor, among countless others, is the temperature of the Sun’s surface. Humanity cannot alter that.

Pollution is one thing and is indeed a problem, but something completely different from the Earth’s temperature. Yet, it is conflated—mainly by the left—with “dangerous climate change” to generate panic and confusion.

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