Political veteran and friend of President Trump Roger Stone, alleges he has evidence that Bill Gates instructed Microsoft to design the vote-counting software that has been used to steal the election for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The software, called Election Guard has “been used by Dominion, as well as Election Services, Hurt Intercivic, Clean Ballot, Election Systems and Hardware, BPro, and Smartmatic,” said Stone in a video he released.


On Nov.19 attorney Sidney Powell charged Dominion Voting Systems with stealing the election, and following this more than 100 Dominion employees purged their LinkedIn accounts, leaving no trace.

Dominion was expected to meet Pennsylvania lawmakers on Friday, but they were a no show.

“The denial by the mainstream media that there’s any evidence whatsoever is ludicrous. The evidence is overwhelming and compelling. Whether Sidney Powell, a fine attorney who isn’t given to making claims she can’t back up in court, can bring a case without the cooperation of the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI to come clean remains to be seen,” said Stone.

That Bill Gates is connected to Dominion is not surprising, as his “philanthropic” organization paid Black Lives Matter (BLM) “students” to count ballots in key battleground states.

Big League Politics has reported that an aggressive recruitment campaign called The Campus Vote Project employed “young black students” to replace the older experienced poll counters, using the pandemic as a pressure to frighten them away.

“The excuse of COVID-19 [the CCP Virus] was used to scare some elderly poll workers into bowing out and being replaced by these ringers,” writes Shane Trejo for Big League Politics.

The Campus Vote Project, received funding from the New Venture Fund to hire these “young black students” as poll workers. The New Venture Fund was the recipient of more than $94 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

NBC News first reported on the “young black students,” indicating that this “diverse group of thousands of younger Americans, ranging from 16-year-old high schoolers to college students” had been tasked with “stepping in as poll workers across the country during early voting and on Election Day,” reported Natural News.

Big League Politics has reported on the unprofessional behavior of poll workers in battleground states during the vote, which includes many allegations of ballot tampering in different states: A poll worker with the Clark County Elections Department in Nevada is blowing the whistle in a signed affidavit making appalling allegations of electoral fraud that occurred in the key battleground state.

“We were told by (my team leader), and two other assistants to advise people who wanted to register to vote and did not have the proper Nevada ID/Driver’s License, that they could go out in the parking lot and make an appointment with the DMV to get a Nevada ID/Driver’s License, and then bring in proof of their appointment confirmation (either a paper copy or show it on their phone to us) and then they could be registered,” the whistleblower said in the deposition.

“They were then permitted to vote with a provisional ballot, even though their appointments were not until January of 2021. We were told this was being allowed all over the Valley, at all polling places,” the whistleblower continued.
The whistleblower described catching Democrats altering ballots in a seemingly unlawful manner, which they then allegedly attempted to obscure once they realize they were being watched.

“I personally witnessed two people handing multiple unopened mail-in ballot envelopes to two other people who then opened and filled out the ballots against the side of the Biden/Harris van. The same two people who marked the ballots then put the marked ballots in official pink and white envelopes. These individuals were not poll workers,” the whistleblower explained.

The whistleblower added that eventually “there were five or six additional people who formed a human wall, which moved as I walked by, apparently in an attempt to block my view of the four people who were opening envelopes, marking ballots, and placing those ballots in the pink and white return envelopes.”

This was ignored by the team leader when the whistleblower reported the violation through the proper channels.

“I regularly saw people walking in with multiple ballots. We were not allowed to talk to the monitors or observers. We were not supposed to say anything ever to the observers,” the whistleblower said.

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