According to recent reports, former President Bill Clinton is reported to have scheduled an intimate dinner with Ghislaine Maxwell, the lover of child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, in 2014, when she was accused by one of the victims of being his accomplice.

The dinner was at Crossroads Kitchen, a vegan restaurant located in Los Angeles. The busy restaurant was also attended by celebrities such as actor Bruce Willis, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and actor Sean Penn, according to The Daily Beast.

Clinton’s advance team reserved seats for Maxwell and her companions, including Clinton’s producer friend Steve Bing, talent agent Michael Kives, and Chief Technology Officer Scott Borgerson, who is said to be Maxwell’s husband.

Sources close to the events said that Clinton’s team disputed Maxwell’s invitation beforehand given her association to pedophile Epstein. To this day, Clinton’s team keep pointing fingers at who is to blame for the invitation of the British socialite.

A concerned source said, “This is an intimate dinner with Clinton in Los Angeles. Think of all the people you know in Los Angeles and Ghislaine will be able to attend,” reported The Daily Beast.

By dinnertime, the media had already extensively documented Epstein’s abuse of minors on his island in Palm Beach, Florida, as well as the lawsuits filed by the victims.

As the Beast pointed out, it is still unknown why Clinton would have made contact again with the British socialite during that formal dinner in Los Angeles in 2014.

Clinton’s staff also knew about Maxwell’s involvement in the child-trafficking business during 2011. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, revealed that Epstein and Maxwell had trafficked her to Prince Andrew when she was 17.

In a report on Giuffre’s case published by the Daily Mail, a photograph of her and Prince Andrew appeared in Maxwell’s house in London, while Epstein’s partner appears on the side.

A Clinton spokesman said the former president knew nothing about the crimes Epstein was accused of and that in 2002 and 2003 he had made a total of four trips on the pedophile tycoon’s plane; one to Asia, two to Africa.

As investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff revealed during a Fox News interview in 2019, shortly after Epstein’s arrest, there were underage girls traveling with Clinton on Epstein’s plane.

“I tried to interview Clinton, but he wouldn’t agree to do it and I know from pilot records that were written by different pilots at different times that Clinton was a guest of Epstein 27 times,” said Sarnoff.

“Many of those times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many times he didn’t. Almost every time Clinton’s name is on the pilots’ records there are minors, there are initials and there are names of many girls on that private plane,” she added.

According to a recent report, U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George has now demanded flight records for Epstein’s helicopters and airplanes from 1998 until his suicide.

The lawsuit against Epstein’s estate includes 22 charges including child abuse and neglect, aggravated rape, human trafficking, forced labor, and prostitution.

In addition to the passenger list, the attorney general also seeks “complaints or reports of potentially suspicious conduct,” the lawsuit also requires knowledge of any personal notes made by the pilots.

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