The CCP Virus is inflicting untold grief on most of the world, and Big Technology is avidly taking advantage of the situation by increasing its power over Americans and others.

Two ER doctors from California discussed their views of the CCP Virus online, and because they were not in line with the views of the World Health Organization (WHO), the video was removed by YouTube, but not before more than 5 million viewers watched it.

Now, Tucker Carlson from “Fox News Tonight” has taken up the thread and said its removal is a blatant violation of free speech and may become a defining moment in our history. Censorship by Big Tech is alive and well.

California emergency-room physicians Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massih, with a combined 40 years of experience treating viruses and infections, said the nationwide shutdowns are not backed by science, and they produced dozens of pages of data to make their point.

They insist it is time to reopen America, arguing that “herd immunity” is the best way to deal with the virus and to quarantine healthy people makes no sense.

Appearing on Fox News with host Laura Ingraham, they referred to the CCP Virus death rate in Sweden—which practices social distancing but has not imposed lockdowns—is virtually the same as the United States, which instituted harsh lockdowns.

Dr. Daniel W. Erickson (L), of Bakersfield, Calif., and his partner, Dr. Artin Massih, of Accelerated Care in Bakersfield. They are two medical professionals with 40 years of combined practical experience in treating viruses and respiratory diseases. (Screenshot/Youtube/23 ABC News|KERO)

Erickson said Sweden’s approach relies on “herd immunity,” which can be achieved when enough people get the virus and recover from it. Or through vaccination, reported BPR. “Once [herd immunity] hits 70 or 80 percent, the virus has nowhere else to go and it burns out,” Erickson said. “So I think the key is, the vaccine helps get you to herd immunity. But also, you can get to herd immunity without a vaccine.”

“If you’re going to dance on someone’s constitutional rights, you better have a really good reason—not just a theory,” Erickson said. “The data is showing us it’s time to lift (the lockdowns). So if we don’t lift, what is the reason?”

Erickson added, “[You have] a 0.03% chance of dying from COVID in the state of California. Does that necessitate sheltering in place? Does that necessitate shutting down medical systems? Does that necessitate people being out of work?”

Last week, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said the site would censor any video that contradicts “World Health Organization recommendations as a violation of our policy.” The doctor duo video has been reposted by viewers many times, only to find it deleted each time.

As Fox News noted, the inept WHO (a branch of the United Nations) has repeatedly given false information about the CCP Virus. In January, the WHO claimed that the virus could not be transmitted through human-to-human contact. This was followed by the WHO insisting that face masks are useless.

“More informed debate is exactly what we need to make wise decisions going forward,” Carlson said. “Unfortunately, informed debate is exactly what the authorities don’t want. They want unquestioned obedience so they are cracking down on free expression.”

Carlson continued, “Viewers of Erickson’s video were shocked and transfixed by it. Last night, the doctor’s video was pulled off of YouTube. It wasn’t an accident. YouTube admitted doing it. The company cited a violation of company guidelines and didn’t apologize.”

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