LifeSite News, the conservative pro-life news portal recently suffered censorship by Big Tech. YouTube banned LifeSite’s account and all of its video content on Feb. 10. 

YouTube, owned by Google, in a new case of censorship directed against conservative voices removed the LifeSite News channel from its platform, which was active for a decade and only received a warning after the election of Joe Biden before being removed, according to the portal’s website.

“With just over 314,000 subscribers and an average of over 50,000 views on each episode of our flagship show, and with some of our shows reaching over 2 million views, YouTube canceled us. Since then, we have received an avalanche of questions about what happened, why it happened, and what we are doing about it,” LifeSite reported.

Prior to the removal of LifeSite News, YouTube suspended the channel on a few occasions for a week for a few specific videos. One of the videos in question is about a renowned Canadian doctor with extensive credentials testifying at a local government hearing on measures against the CCP Virus in Western Canada in November 2020. 

In a nutshell, what the Canadian doctor intended to convey is that while the CCP Virus exists and that is undeniable, it would not be necessary to implement such strict economic and social life closures that end up being more dangerous than the virus itself. The renowned professional argued that political decisions are being used to mark the beginning of a “Great Reset dreamed by the elites of this world for decades.”

Clearly this message went down very badly. Now, one can be for or against his argument, but under what pretext could it be considered a “message of hate” or “incitement to violence” or harmful to humanity enough to censor it?

LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen said the final blow from YouTube that ended up completely bringing down the LifeSite channel on the video platform was his reading of a tweet from Bishop Strickland during his show. 

“In response to media inquiries, YouTube has claimed that we were banned from posting due to medical misinformation. This is a complete falsehood and we are seeking a legal way to address the decision,” Westen said.

YouTube’s cancellation of LifeSite News is just the latest action taken in Big Tech’s mission to silence conservative voices, which now seems to be raging against pro-life voices.

LifeNews, another pro-life news source, has also been censored by Big Tech recently, in this case on Twitter. 

“URGENT! Twitter is actively banning pro-life people who follow us. As a result we have lost almost 20,000 followers.” “Please join us on Parler and MeWe so we can get you the latest pro-life news.”

A few days after this message, the Parler platform, which was growing exponentially by conservative users, was completely removed from the network after a move by Big Tech.

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