Peter Schweizer, an American writer and political consultant, spoke about an upcoming documentary that exposes the connections between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

During an interview with Fox News, Schweizer said that the relationship between Biden and the CCP may have posed a serious national security risk because the strategic business deals served the strategic interests of the CCP.

The film, “Riding the Dragon: The Biden ‘Chinese Secrets,'” highlights the various agreements that Beijing-based Burisma Holdings (BHR) had with the Chinese Communist Party. The company, founded in 2013, was headed by Hunter Biden, son of today’s Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. 

According to Schweizer, “The Bidens made a lot of money, courtesy of the Chinese government [the CCP]. We’re not talking about Chinese business, but the Chinese government. This happened while Joe Biden was the key person in the Obama administration’s China policy.”

The film notes that Hunter was only able to meet with Chinese officials and secure $1 billion in funding because of who his father was.

Schweizer told Breitbart News that Biden “was on the board of directors of a Chinese investment firm called BHR that was funded by the Chinese government [the CCP], and what did they do? They started acquiring companies that were beneficial to the Chinese military.” 

“They were an anchor investor in something called China General Nuclear, which ended up being charged by our FBI for stealing nuclear secrets in the United States. They ended up buying part of an American dual-use technology company, meaning it produces technology that has civilian and military application. They ended up buying that for the benefit of the Chinese military,” added Schweizer.

The film focuses on BHR’s 2014 investment with China General Nuclear Power Corp.

Other business deals Biden concluded include a 2015 joint venture between BHR and AVIC Auto—a subsidiary of China’s state-owned Aviation Industry Corp. (AVIC), which makes aircraft for the Chinese military—to buy Henniges Automotive, a U.S. auto parts manufacturer, according to Fox News.

Schweizer said Henniges products are considered “dual-use” for both civilian and military purposes.

The documentary also mentions a 2017 contract that BHR has with China Molybdenum Co.Ltd, one of the world’s leading producers of molybdenum, a metal element used to make alloy steel for weapons and other items.

As Schweizer noted, BHR’s agreement with the company came after the World Trade Organization ruled against China’s restrictions on the export of “rare earth” minerals, including molybdenum, following complaints from the United States, the European Union, and Japan, according to Fox News.

Hunter’s lawyer has rejected allegations that his client has ever received compensation while serving on BHR’s board of directors or benefited from partial ownership.