As the geopolitical battleground awaits the new American president’s move, Joe Biden pushes the LGBT agenda and the false concept of “systemic racism” in the U.S. military confusing and distracting the ranks from its real adversary.

After four years in which former President Donald Trump rebuilt the military, ended the eternal wars in the Middle East, eliminated the threat of ISIS, established a diplomatic relationship with North Korea to discourage its nuclear ambition, signed peace agreements between Israel and several Muslim-majority countries, and decimated the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the South China Sea through military alliances including Australia, New Zealand, India, and Japan, without using military force, the Democratic president has another, somewhat questionable, approach.

The Biden administration is prioritizing “inclusiveness” with the supposed goal of eliminating discrimination within the troops as well as “a 60-day stand down” to eliminate “extremism.”

The “cases” of “extremism”

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday issued a statement on Feb. 9, to all sailors after someone apparently left “hate symbols” in plain view on two occasions.

“If we don’t eliminate extremist behavior from our Navy, then racism, injustice, indignity, and disrespect will grow and continue to keep us from reaching our potential—an inclusive, respectful, professional fighting force,” the statement said.

“If we must first question the intentions of our shipmate standing watch with us, now, and especially, when taking fire, we will fail when the Nation needs us most in combat,” the admiral said.

However, according to FBI statistics of the 143 times cases of extremism were reported in the military in 2020, only a quarter of them, or about 17, involved white nationalism.

Biden also removed the restrictions Trump placed on transgender people who want to join the military, due to the physical disadvantages these people experience while they are “transitioning” their sex, in addition to how costly this procedure is for the state.

Biden also assigned as head of the Pentagon Army Gen. Lloyd Austin who in his Senate confirmation hearing vowed to “address white nationalism” and rid the military from “extremists and racists.”

With no statistics or facts to justify these programs of “inclusion” and fighting “systemic racism” and considering that “extremism” is not clearly defined, these policies have the appearance of a “social justice warrior” calling for the defunding of police in a crime-ridden city.

These unfounded measures only generate confusion among the troops because it is like fighting an invisible enemy, in this case a nonexistent one, and losing focus of the real adversary, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Meanwhile Biden has shown himself to be increasingly accommodating to the CCP and perhaps his idea of “fighting” with the CCP is to give in to its demands.

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