Former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a new video campaign ad that is not totally honest, and amounts to what one has called “false advertising,” and should be removed.

The video features Tiffany Easley, owner of NV My Eyewear in Philadelphia.

Easley, a small business owner is seen criticizing President Trump, complaining his administration failed to help her during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus pandemic. She failed to mention, however, that she was a recipient of thousands of dollars through the Trump administration Paycheck Protection Program (PPP.)

It seems a big oversight, after all, Easley accepted a forgivable $27,000 loan in April as part of the first phase of the program, as she had disclosed in April to local newsgroup BillyPenn.

In the ad for Biden, Easley claims the Trump administration made “everything worse” for her.

“I had to permanently close one location and furlough my employees,” Easley says in the video. “But what’s worse, is that this president seemed to make everything else worse. Donald Trump and his administration left the American people behind, the people he is supposed to protect and serve. Small businesses—they need a partner in the White House, and that’s why I’m with Joe,” reported Free Beacon.


A request for comment from both Biden and Easley got no reply, said Free Beacon.

Biden’s new ad is trying to capitalize on the downturn in the economy due to the CCP Virus, with the economy being the mainstay for the president’s election campaign for 2020.

New economic data released on Thursday showed that almost 5 million new jobs were added for the month of June, the second month where jobs increased. This encouraging sign came after the 20 million jobs were lost in April when the CCP Virus forced the closure of businesses and it indicates the recovery is happening much faster than experts predicted.

Calling the Biden ad “dishonest” and attempt to “undermine recovery,” the Trump administration said the recovery was fueled by the PPP helping to prop up the economy.

“The first round of President Trump’s incredibly successful Paycheck Protection Program processed more than 14 years’ worth of loans in less than 14 days,” said Ali Pardo, the campaign’s deputy communications director. “Thanks to this fast surge of support for small business owners like Tiffany, tens of millions of workers continued to receive paychecks. The fact is, President Trump is restoring the historically strong economy he built before and there’s nothing Joe Biden can do to stop it.”

‘False advertising’

Alfredo Ortiz, president of the Job Creators Network, said the ad needs to be removed as it is “false advertising.”

“It ignores the success of the PPP, which has helped roughly five million small business owners, including the one featured in the ad itself,” Ortiz said. “The fact that the Biden campaign couldn’t even find a small business owner who hadn’t received PPP funds demonstrates the incompetence of the Biden brand, and just how expansive President Trump’s relief efforts have been.”

Ortiz took issue with the claim Biden would be a “partner” for small businesses if elected, pointing to his promise to repeal tax cuts passed during Trump’s first term.

Biden’s claim he would be a “partner” for small businesses was just the opposite to what he intends said Ortiz.

“Far from being a ‘partner’ in the White House, Joe Biden would be a major opponent for small businesses,” said Ortiz adding, “Biden has called for repealing President Trump’s tax cuts, which helped generate the strongest small business economy in recent history before the pandemic hit.”

When Easley received the PPP loan, in addition to smaller grant from local relief fund, she told Billy Penn in April that she was optimistic about her business rebounding.

“I was surprised because if you listen to the news, they were so quick to say all the money was gone,” Easley said in April. “I have a good feeling, I think we’ll be ok. I just think it’s gonna take some time to get there.”

Senior policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation, Adam Michel, refuted the claim that businesses had been abandoned during the pandemic, and told Free Beacon, “The federal coronavirus response has been nothing short of extraordinary,” adding, “More than 70 percent of small businesses have received financial support from the PPP loans and have benefited from various other provisions, like delayed tax filing deadlines, two-year delay in employer payroll tax payments, and expansions of tax loss rules.”

“The 2017 tax cuts were a boon for all Americans, including small businesses. Most small businesses pay their taxes as individuals and thus received a tax cut because tax rates were lowered across the board,” Michel said. “There was also a new 20 percent pass-through business deduction that benefits most small and medium-sized businesses.”

“To the extent, Biden wants to repeal these features of the tax cuts, he will hurt small businesses like NV My Eyewear,” Michel said.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, also agreed that none of Biden’s proposals would help small businesses. “There is nothing that Biden has proposed or endorsed that would give a small business more opportunities to succeed, keep more of their income, or more freedom to operate,” Norquist said.