Harold Eavenson, a retired sheriff from Rockwall County, Texas, said in an interview on Saturday, Feb. 13, that Texas is suffering from the Biden administration’s new policies of loosening border controls and as a result is seeing a significant increase in illegal immigration and crime rates. 

Eavenson told Breitbart that the increase in apprehensions at the southern border reveals how the Biden administration is returning to the days of high levels of illegal immigration in the Obama era, with pro-immigration policies that promote unrestricted entry of immigrants.

“A lot of those people that come into our country are involved in illegal activity”

“A lot of those people that come into our country are involved in illegal activity and have criminal records when they come into our country and they do the same here as they were doing elsewhere before they made entry,” Eavenson said. “And that puts a strain on the infrastructure of any sheriff’s office, especially those border counties.”

Eavenson insisted on comparing the current situation to what happened during the Obama era in terms of border controls and immigration. “It happened under the Obama administration and with all of the arrests that took place in January, 78,000 was higher than any January in the last decade,” Eavenson said. “That’s clear evidence that we’re starting to see an influx of illegals into our country.”

Surge in illegal immigration

The surge in illegal immigration at the southern border came after President Joe Biden ended the Remain in Mexico policy when illegal aliens are detained, the restart of the Catch and Release program of detaining illegal aliens and immediately releasing them, and he also canceled the continuation of the border wall and sought to halt deportations of most illegal aliens for at least 100 days.

“The government, by doing what they’re doing, is violating the oldest and simplest justification that they have protecting its citizens,” Eavenson said. “It’s wrong, absolutely wrong, and not in the best interests of the citizens of this country.”

Southern border crime dropped during Trump administration

To the contrary, the former sheriff recounted, during 2016 and 2020, the Trump administration worked in “cooperation and collaboration” with local communities to help minimize “illegal access to our country by illegal aliens.” As a result they also lowered arrest numbers and the amount of crime considerably.

Eavenson’s words are by no means an isolated story, recently AJ Louderback, the sheriff of Jackson County, Texas, issued a strong warning to the American community about the dangerous consequences regarding illegal immigration that will increase following the immigration policies announced by Biden.

In an interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Louderback assured that there is an imminent process of defunding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which he warned will be catastrophic for both Texas and the rest of the country.

“The memo I received last week specifies a deep defunding of ICE, sent on January 20, 2021,” Louderback told Carlson.

“This is a particularly devastating document for Texans and Americans here in the United States,” he added. “When I read it and looked at it, it’s a message to the world that you can come here illegally, you can commit crimes here against Americans and stay illegally.”

Recently Maryland Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, also issued a warning to the American people, stating that America “will not be safe” under Joe Biden’s new immigration policies. 

During an interview on Fox News on Monday, Feb. 8, Jenkins warned of the threat posed by Biden’s policy changes and asserted, “Americans should be angry and outraged.”