The Center for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), modified health protocols overlooking the risk of contagion, so that facilities at the southern border can use 100% capacity to house more unaccompanied immigrant children.

The CDC’s initial directive allowed only 50% capacity of these facilities to be used, in order to comply with virus recommendations including social distancing.

Packed border facilities

Due to the immigration crisis created by the Biden administration that reversed all the Trump era policies that had been successful in keeping illegal   aliens from entering through the southern border under control, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities are overwhelmed, and protocols cannot be maintained.

Even so, the Democratic administration denies the existence of an immigration crisis, and in fact has banned the press from entering these facilities for “sanitary” reasons.

Biden was also criticized because he set up the same contiguous cell facilities created in the Obama era to house unaccompanied children entering the country, those he used to demonize Trump as inhumane.

Dramatic increase in unaccompanied children

According to an Axios report, the shelters have been taking in an average of 321 children a day—compared to 47 a day in the first week of January—and expect to need 20,000 beds to accommodate a record number of children.

The CDC’s decision to change protocols, while admitting that “facilities should plan for and expect to have COVID-19 cases” generated much controversy because many states are debating reopening schools for in-person instruction.

The CDC released its guidelines for reopening in-person instruction on Feb. 12, and among the suggested measures, according to USA Today, it recommend the use of masks, strategies such as dividing students into small pods; staggering schedules; installing physical barriers, especially in confined spaces such as reception areas; and limiting visitors to the school.

CDC says in-person teaching not a driver speeding the virus

Some see these measures as excessive since data from the CDC itself indicates that in-person teaching at schools “is not a primary driver of community transmission.”

It is impossible not to notice the stark contrast from the CDC when Donald Trump was president to now when Joe Biden is president.

The CDC changing protocols to allow the Biden administration to continue to flood the country with illegal immigration and put people at risk of contagion according to its own parameters, while at the same time it limits in-person teaching of students, seems more like the CDC is accommodating its protocols to the needs of the Democrat agenda and not truly responding to the “health emergency.”