Emily Murphy, the head of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), warned Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden about the requirement to declare any conflicts of interest with the position he might hold and those of his staff.

For his critics, this would be a real nightmare, given the numerous signs of voter fraud that could involve him, and if proven, lead to serious legal problems.

“The GSA letter forces Biden to disclose conflicts of interest with himself and his team to foreign nationals and other foreign agents…” tweeted user @Jhomes551.

“So basically, Trump has just cornered Biden using the #laptopfromhell!!,'” he continued. And he added, “CHEKMATE” by attaching part of Murphy’s letter to Biden to his message as well.

By mentioning the “laptop from hell,” @Jhomes551 could be alluding to the complex web of corruption in which Joe Biden and his son Hunter are involved because of the information contained in one of Hunter’s laptops.

That information was revealed in October by the New York Post, but censored and silenced by the media and social networks, in Biden’s protection.

Should Biden’s transition team accept GSA funds knowing they are involved in election fraud and an attempted coup, they could all be considered conspirators, warned the user @3days3nights.

Although U.S. President Donald Trump authorized the initiation of protocols for a supposed transition of government, he emphasized that he would continue his work to provide transparency to the electoral process so battered by numerous fraud cases.

“What does allowing the GSA to work preliminarily with the Democrats have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases in what will be the most corrupt election in American political history? We are moving full speed ahead. I will never give in to false votes and the “Dominion,” President Trump said.

Although the election results will only be announced on Dec. 14, the press falsely designated Biden as president-elect, and he began to build a team as if it were true.

Now the FBI will begin conducting background checks on Biden’s Cabinet nominees and will provide, among other resources, $6.3 million in Congressional appropriation.

While the lawsuits filed by the Trump Campaign’s legal team are being resolved, patriots are holding fast to hopes that the truth will be revealed and the courts will grant Trump’s re-election.

For his part, Vice President Mike Pence assured that the work would continue until all the illegal votes that cause so much damage to the electoral process are eliminated.

“I can tell you that as our election contests continue, here in Georgia and in courts across the country, I will make you a promise,” Pence told supporters in Gainesville on Nov. 20.

“We will continue to fight until every legal vote is counted,” he continued as supporters chanted, “four more years. He added, “We will continue to fight until every illegal vote is discarded.

This campaign rally also supported the re-election of Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

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