Stephen Colbert, host of the “Late Show,” praised and thanked Biden for the Putin treatment; calling Putin a “killer” and “he doesn’t have a soul” in an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, March 16.

President Biden told host George Stephanopoulos that Putin will pay a price for what a recent US intelligence report concluded 2020 election interfere. Jimmy Fallon, another late night host added: “Biden sounded like he was in an ’80s action movie. I was waiting for him to put his badge in the drawer and be like, ‘I’m not a cop tonight, George. This is personal.”

James Corden then asked at the Show: “Does Putin have any other interests than interfering in American elections?” Traditionally, “he’ll pay a price” means “Biden fires up the Corvette, tears up your front lawn doing donuts,” Corden added. “He once told Putin that he has no soul. … So basically every meeting with Putin is like a scene from a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.”

Stephen Colbert agreed, “It sounds like James Bond in a scene from Dr. No Malarky.” And Colbert joked about dying the water in the White House fountain, actually delivering on Joe Biden’s campaign pledge of providing new green work.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, he revealed that “St. Patrick wasn’t really Irish.” “St. Patrick is thought to have been born in Scotland to Roman parents, making him Italian.” Kimmel later added his thoughts of the ABC News interview: “It’s important to note that when Joe Biden says someone can pay a price, he means sanctions or bank account freezes,” he said. “Putin is eating a plutonium-and-cheese McMuffin when he says anyone will pay a price.”

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