On Monday night, a special was aired on CNN called “Fighting for the White House: Joe Biden’s Long Journey.” At one point in the program, a picture of Joe Biden in the 1970s appeared with his young son. Later, other media outlets publicized the original photo, which contained a noticeable change—the hat his son was wearing bore the Redskins logo. The question soon arose as to who was behind such details, CNN? Biden’s advisers? Finally today the Biden campaign won the editing job, according to Fox News.

After Black Lives Matter’s demonstrations for racial equality, the team name Redskins suddenly became controversial and contentious to the sector that defends those ideas, which is extremely curious if we consider that Native Americans were never affected and never made a claim about it, so why should anyone else? 

CNN has always been in favor of the BLM movement, even omitting to report on the terrible acts of violence that its members perpetrated, or misreporting them on several occasions. 

But this would be going too far, taking the trouble to edit a photo to remove the logo of a highly recognized and institutionalized decades-old  American football team, just because lately a movement, which does not correspond to the true Native Americans, promotes that the name Redskins could become derogatory to the Native Americans, it does not seem very logical.

CNN did not comment on this or respond to the media that consulted it. Finally, the Biden campaign assumed the fact and as Fox News said, admitted to having edited the photo so that the logo would not be seen.

The Democratic candidate and former vice president initially shared the photo on his Facebook page in June to commemorate Father’s Day.

As of Wednesday, that Facebook post appears to be inactive, although the image with the logo can still be found in the page’s “Timeline Photos” album.

Posted by Joe Biden on Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Washington Redskins is one of the oldest teams in the NFL and under pressure from its main sponsors was forced to change its historic name to simply Washington.

As reported by Fox News, the team launched the name revision on July 3 after major sponsors FedEx, Nike, PepsiCo, and Bank of America formally requested the team change its name. As they argued in their requests, the sponsors’ concerns grew after weeks of violent protests by the BLM movement following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.


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