President Joe Biden’s administration will divert $860 million to care for minors entering the country illegally, in the face of the unanticipated increase in costs caused by the sprawling border crisis.  

This money will be diverted from the budget allocated to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the prevention of COVID-19 or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus contamination, according to Bloomberg, July 6.

Health Secretary Xavier Becerra said the money would be used to pay for the safety of minors and the staff charged with caring for them, increased by the pandemic.

The huge influx of illegal immigrants, brought about by the Biden administration’s open borders policy, could have reached one million people during the five and a half months of Biden’s term alone.

This reallocation of money is proportionally small compared to the grand total estimated to be paid for the expenses generated in caring for the new undocumented residents, which would reach some 9 billion dollars.

In fact, on May 2, 13 billion had already been diverted from the funds destined for the health care of Americans, which generated complaints from several legislators.

On the other hand, the situation of the more than 5,000 minors in the foster care camps provided by the Biden administration is also chaotic, according to the complaint of volunteers Laurie Elkin and Justin Mulaire, employees of the Chicago Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Elkin and Mulaire found that contractors in charge of migrant children at a facility in Fort Bliss, Texas, knew about disaster recovery, but had little knowledge of Spanish and little ability to care for minors, according to The Hill. 

“Many contract workers seemed to view their job more as crowd control than youth care,” they said. 

They added: “While some individuals plainly meant well, other contract workers exhibited impatience with children and were plainly unsure of how to supervise them.” 

The center is overseen by Servpro, a “fire and water cleanup and restoration” company.

Among other issues, they noted that the location of the cabins they use in the dormitories prevents them from seeing the children properly. Also, that loud music is used to wake them up, which makes them very uncomfortable.

“For kids who are depressed or anxious, being in a nightclub‐like environment may not be the best idea,” Mulaire wrote to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in May.

In addition to the visible sloppiness the whistleblowers evidenced in the facilities serving the children, they noted the absence of child-friendly activities.

“The children’s day was largely unstructured. During the day, they were typically either sitting or lying in their beds or milling around with relatively few activities available to them,” Elkin and Mulaire added.

On the other hand, one of the legislators who criticized the policy that the Democrats apply to the large influx of unauthorized aliens, was the Republican senator for South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, who highlighted the human trafficking that takes place with immigrants, at the hands of traffickers and coyotes who manipulate them from Mexico.

“We are complicit as a nation in human trafficking,” Graham said, according to Breitbart on May 16.

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