A recent poll shows that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would not make it through his first term in the White House if elected.

According to the opinion poll conducted by Rasmussen, 59 percent of likely U.S. voters think it is unlikely that Biden will finish the first four years of his term, in which case the nation would be left under the administration of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Specifying by party, 74 percent of Republicans think Biden will not be in office until 2025 and 49 percent of Democrats, plus 57 percent of independents, think the same, according to results released on Aug. 10.

Voters’ main concerns with Biden are his age, 78 when he’d be taking office, and the frequent errors in his public speeches that are later corrected by Democratic campaign assistants, which would suggest his cognitive decline.

In another focus group survey, voters in Michigan said Biden is a “puppet” who is not “mentally capable of being president,” and respondents said they have not “paid much attention to the events, platform, or speeches” of the Democratic candidate, according to Axios on July 27.

The alternative, should Democratic leaders consider the risk of Biden’s rejection by voters to be too high, is to replace him with another candidate and, to some extent, start the process over by changing Harris as vice president.

In this case, the decision of the Democratic Executive Committee could not be rejected by Biden, and the change of candidate could generate chaos among his followers. For some analysts, it is even possible that Biden will be replaced before the start of the Sept. 29 debates.

The statistics do not favor Biden either if the history of the United States is taken as a reference.

Of the 45 presidents, at least nine vice presidents have risen to the presidency by succession, which is 20 percent, a significant percentage according to the History channel.

In eight of those cases, the presidents died during their terms and the vice presidents replaced them.

That could be the situation for Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if they are elected by Americans on Nov. 3, U.S. Election Day.

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