An abandoned laptop computer seems to have become a Pandora’s box for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter because thousands of pieces of data began to come out that allegedly involved them in possible acts of corruption.

Although the hard drive had been in the hands of the FBI since December 2019, it was not until Oct. 14 that the New York Post released the explosive details of the alleged lucrative business that Hunter ran for years.

In addition to the specific highlights, details are coming out to important facts, amid the complex case. 

Such is the case of the FBI agent who signed the Dec.17 subpoena to appear before the grand jury in the case of the computer that belonged to Hunter Biden, as reported by The Gateway Pundit on Oct. 16. 

The subpoena is signed by Joshua Wilson, an FBI agent who has reportedly spent more than five years investigating thousands of child pornography cases, according to The Star-Ledger, New Jersey.

While it may be just a coincidence, two media outlets, the Western Journal and the Business Insider, agree that it is the same agent, cited by The Gateway Pundit.

While it may seem inconsistent to mix Hunter Biden’s multimillion-dollar international business with child pornography, Hunter’s messy life could lead to other kinds of crime.

The hard drive is said to contain photos and videos of Hunter using drugs and in intimate relationships. 

Hunter had drug addiction problems, in fact, the U.S. Navy discharged him because of it.

In addition, he had a child with a dancer whom he initially rejected as his, which was confirmed to be true based on DNA testing.

He later denied that he had sufficient financial resources to vouch for his son, but finally negotiated with the mother outside of court.

In July, Hunter came to attention when he paid $453,890 in estate taxes in just six days, and Washington Free Beacon reporter and investigator Alana Goodman raised a crucial question about this case. 

“How did you manage to pay this $450,000 tax assessment in six days? Most people don’t have half a million dollars lying around,” Goodman questioned among other comments, according to the Aug. 11 Fox Business video.

Another question refers to the reasons why, after 10 months of having the hard drive in its possession, the FBI has not reported on the compromising information it contains, even more so since it involves the candidate who could eventually be the next president of the United States.

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